Retired General Calls the State of Education a Matter of National Security

In the San Diego Union-Tribune, Major General James Comstock explains in, "Education: a matter of national security," that a growing number of retired generals and admirals are concerned with the present state of education and its impact on our national security. A report by the nonprofit Mission: Readiness estimates that 75 percent of young Americans are not able to join the military. Without a high school diploma, it is rare, if not impossible, to enlist. Even among high school graduates, nearly one in four failed the military’s basic exam for math, reading and problem-solving skills. And these statistics do not include the estimated 30 percent of young Americans who never get a high school diploma. In the coming months, retired military leaders will be focusing on ways to improve academics and physical fitness by supporting high-quality early education and a return to physical education in our schools.

Jan 16, 2011