Month: October 2012

Early Learning and the Fiscal Roller Coaster: Buckle Up, and Get Ready to Shout -

In the rollercoaster ride that is early learning advocacy, we’ve endured many a loop-de-loop and our fair share of hairpin turns. Now, with the election behind us, you might be feeling the labored chugging and nervous anticipation that comes with a steep climb. Hold on, everybody: we’re approaching the fiscal cliff. You’re likely hearing a lot about the fiscal cliff in the news, but there are so many pieces—tax cuts, … Read More

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Professor James Heckman Releases Statement on Investing in Early Learning -

As Congress grapples with questions about the smartest ways to invest public funds, here’s a statement from our favorite Nobel Prize winning economist on the issue: “The highest rate of return in early childhood development comes from investing as early as possible, from birth through age five, in disadvantaged families. Starting at age three or four is too little too late, as it fails to recognize that skills beget skills … Read More