Month: November 2017

New RAND Study Takes Stock of Successes in Early Childhood Education Programs -

A new report out from the RAND Corporation takes a deeper look at the outcomes and economic returns from early childhood programs. The study, Investing Early, sought to answer three primary research questions including: what program approaches to providing services (prenatal to school entry) have been rigorously evaluated; what outcomes did these programs improve in the short or long term; and what are the costs and benefits of effective programs … Read More

What’s the Latest on MIECHV Reauthorization? -

Congressional authorization for the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) expired on September 30th. If lawmakers don’t act, programs and providers across the country that rely on MIECHV will soon be forced to drastically cut home visiting services, as funding from the current authorization will begin to run out. It is our hope that Congress will work together over the coming weeks to reauthorize this vital program … Read More

Bipartisan Congressional Briefing on Making the Tax Code Help Working Families with the Cost of Child Care -

Earlier this week, the First Five Years Fund, along with the Save the Children Action Network, the National Association for the Education of the Young Child, and KinderCare, hosted a bipartisan, bicameral Hill briefing in partnership with the cosponsors of the Promoting Affordable Childcare for Everyone (PACE) Act – Senator Angus King (I-ME), Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) and Stephanie Murphy (D-FL). Supporting the healthy development of young children, beginning at … Read More

Jim Messina & Kevin Madden: A Year After Election, Early Childhood Education Remains Rare Unifying Issue -

By Jim Messina & Kevin Madden   It has been one year since Donald J. Trump was elected President. Between then and now, the focus may seem tilted toward how voters are more divided than ever, with the headlines occupied by stories about division and gridlock. But, despite all this rancor, when you talk to elected officials of either party from President, to Senators, to Congress, or Governors, they often … Read More

Indispensable Priorities for Advancing High-Quality Pre-K -

By the time a child starts elementary school, their bodies and brains have already gone through a vital period of growth and development that lay the groundwork for later learning and health in their adult years. Because the first five years of life are highly impressionable, whether negatively by adverse childhood experiences or positively by high-quality early childhood education (ECE), the choice is obvious – access to high-quality programs before … Read More