As Congress runs precariously close to the edge of the “fiscal cliff,” we have a critical opportunity to educate decision-makers about the very real human cliff faced by millions of disadvantaged children who experience a drop off in achievement caused by gaps in early childhood education. These fiscal and human realities are intricately linked. Deficits in foundational skills and capabilities resulting from lack of quality early childhood education programs hamper children’s ability to be successful in school and make later contributions to our economy and society.

As Senator Durbin recently explained, “We can’t just cut our way out of this deficit or tax our way out. We have to think our way out.”

Now is the time to help Congress get smarter. Every day for the next week, the First Five Years Fund will post on Twitter and Facebook a new infographicthat helps explain how investing in early childhood education increases productivity and reduces deficits. These infographic tools can be found here. (And there are many more tools on Invest In US, so put them to use.) Please help us share these tools on your social media sites. Many members of Congress are are on Twitter and Facebook. Here is where you can find, follow and message members of the Senate and the House.

The message is simple and clear: Investing in quality early childhood education will reduce deficits and strengthens the economy in the short- and long-term.