Author: Charles Joughin

There is Broad, Bipartisan Support for Higher Funding Levels for Federal Early Childhood Programs -

Each year through the appropriations process, Congress determines and allocates funding for federal programs, activities and priorities—for example, national defense, education, and homeland security—as well as general government operations. And for the past several years, Congressional Appropriators have sustained or increased funding for the federal early childhood education programs, even as other priorities and programs have been decreased or eliminated. The annual appropriations process provides a critical opportunity each year to … Read More

Bipartisan Understanding: Candidates for Tennessee Governor Point to Early Learning to Close Achievement Gap -

NPR affiliate station WKNO in Memphis, TN asked all of the candidates running to be governor of the Volunteer State about the best way to close the achievement gap that exists in Tennessee. Of the six major Republicans and Democrats in the race, there was near unanimous agreement on the solution: quality early childhood education. WKNO asked the candidates the following question: Testing shows that white students in Tennessee are … Read More

TANF Supports Early Learning & Care Opportunities for Low-Income Families -

Child care is not a luxury for American families—it’s a necessity. Yet the costs associated with quality child care are rapidly outpacing other expenses faced by families, including the cost of higher education. In addition to other important federal programs that support the care and education of America’s young children from birth through age five – particularly those from low-income families – the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program … Read More

FFYF Honors Barbara Bush’s Legacy: Compassion for Children -

Barbara Bush will be remembered by many for her role as First Lady, and for the sharp wit and compassion she brought to that office. Among her many passions was her lifelong dedication to education, specifically early childhood education and literacy. Aside from her work as a mother, wife, and First Lady, Mrs. Bush worked tirelessly to advance opportunities for all children … Read More

Which States Are Making Strides to Improve Public Preschool Programs? -

Today, the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) released the latest edition of its annual report that scores state-funded preschool programs on their efforts to increase access, funding and quality. This year’s “State of Preschool Yearbook” identified areas of growth in states across the country, and made recommendations for how they could make improvements to the quality of their preschool programs, as well as enrollment. The NIEER … Read More