Author: Megan Salzman

New RAND Study Takes Stock of Successes in Early Childhood Education Programs -

A new report out from the RAND Corporation takes a deeper look at the outcomes and economic returns from early childhood programs. The study, Investing Early, sought to answer three primary research questions including: what program approaches to providing services (prenatal to school entry) have been rigorously evaluated; what outcomes did these programs improve in the short or long term; and what are the costs and benefits of effective programs … Read More

What’s the Latest on MIECHV Reauthorization? -

Congressional authorization for the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) expired on September 30th. If lawmakers don’t act, programs and providers across the country that rely on MIECHV will soon be forced to drastically cut home visiting services, as funding from the current authorization will begin to run out. It is our hope that Congress will work together over the coming weeks to reauthorize this vital program … Read More

Bipartisan Congressional Briefing: Making the Tax Code Help Working Families with the Cost of Child Care -

  Bipartisan Congressional Briefing: Making the Tax Code Help Working Families with the Cost of Child Care Tuesday, November 7th – 12:00-1:30pm U.S. Capitol Visitor Center – SVC 212-210 Lawmakers have traditionally used the tax code to address real-world problems many Americans face, and to incentivize behaviors that result in overall economic benefits, yet there are only a handful credits … Read More

Bipartisan Policy Center Releases Expansive Early Childhood Policy Recommendations -

Children are America’s greatest resource, yet less than half of low-income children have access to high-quality early childhood programs that could dramatically improve their opportunities for a better future. A new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) explores how our lawmakers can help support our nation’s youngest learners and working families The BPC’s Early Childhood Initiative, led by former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), and former Representative George Miller (D-CA) … Read More

New Research Paints Picture of Early Learning and Care Providers Who Serve High Hispanic Populations -

New research from the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families examines how early learning and care providers who serve Hispanic children fair on access and availability of ECE programs. Their latest brief, How Well are Early Care and Education Providers Who Serve Hispanic Children Doing on Access and Availability, hones in on characteristics that are indicative of access and availability of programs, such as time and flexibility … Read More