Early Education Clips for Week of October 6 – 10

Here’s a sampling of early childhood education in the news this week:


President Obama Calls for 6 Million Children Enrolled in High Quality Preschool by 2020 In a speech at Northwestern University, President Obama outlined his vision for a 21st century American economy. One of the President’s central pillars of action was strengthening education. Specifically, he emphasized early childhood education as a critical component for creating a skilled and productive workforce and set a national goal of 6 million children enrolled in high quality preschool by the end of the decade.

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Obama Says his Economic Vision Will be a Key Issue in Midterm Election – LA Times

Obama Calls for Preschool Enrollment of 6 Million by 2020 – Education Week


Early Childhood Education a Critical National Security Issue Retired U.S. Army General Hugh Shelton makes the case for investing in early education to better develop the skills needed to succeed in critical national security careers and the military. Nearly one in four U.S. high school graduates who want to join the Army are unable to pass the military’s basic entrance exam. Read More at The Hill.


GEORGIA: New Poll Shows Overwhelming Voter Support for Lottery-Funded State Pre-K The Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students released poll results showing that 87 percent of Georgia voters support using funds from the state lottery to provide pre-K for 4-year-olds. Full results of the poll will be shared at an event on Monday, October 13th in Atlanta. Read More.

MICHIGAN: GOP, Democratic Candidates for Governor Push Preschool on the Campaign Trail The Detroit Free Press examined Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer’s plans to improve education in the state. Both candidates have made investments in early learning a centerpiece of their campaigns. Read More.

KANSAS: Governor’s Decision to Forgo Federal Preschool Funds Criticized Kansas Action for Children President and CEO Shannon Cotsoradis calls Governor Sam Brownback’s choice not to seek federal Race to the Top preschool development grant funds a missed opportunity to improve the lives of Kansas children. Read More.

ILLINOIS: Chicago Mayor Will Issue Bond Money to Expand Preschool Programs Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans for the City to use nearly $17 million in “social impact bonds” to make pre-K more available for low-income children over the next four years. Read More.