April showers bring May flowers, and this year, they also herald the much-anticipated release of President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal. With the date set for Wednesday, April 10, reports about what we can expect to see for early learning are beginning to trickle out of Washington like so many drops of spring rain.

The field’s excitement about a potentially large-scale investment has been paired with a litany of questions about funding levels, program design, and, especially given the fiscal climate, whether the administration would propose a source of revenue to support the plan. Sources indicate that President Obama will announce his plans to fund the early childhood education proposal by raising federal taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Given all we know about how early learning opportunities can play a role in driving better health outcomes and equipping participants to make healthier choices throughout their lives, this seems like a smart choice to us.

After Wednesday’s release, we will send communications tools and our analysis as soon as we can. As the news trickle turns to a deluge, we look forward to keeping you in the loop.

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