October 13, 2020

Lawmakers at the state level are filling in the funding gaps for child care through new grants, subsidies, and creative learning solutions though some may be ending soon while federal dollars are being spent. Discussions continue at the local level concerning the importance of learning and care to the economy.

On the national level, several pieces are out concerning both the national debate around early learning and care as well as how schools relate to the larger picture of access to care.

Meanwhile, parents (moms in particular) are facing tough decisions concerning school enrollment and future career decisions.


School Is (Whisper It) a Form of Child Care
New York Times | 10/13/20
What is going on? Why would we endlessly debate the safety of putting children in classrooms, but put them in day care settings without anyone batting an eye — and certainly with no national debate?  

Sheryl Sandberg: Senior-level women are leaving the workforce. If businesses don’t act, we’ll lose our best leaders
Fortune | 10/9/20
Lack of access to childcare is a key factor driving millions of women from the broader U.S. workforce. Executive women likely have better access to childcare than other workers, but their responsibilities have still skyrocketed at home.  

Donald Trump Owns The Child Care Crisis Now
Romper | 10/9/20
It hardly needs to be said that child care is currently a tremendous pain point for families. While the system wasn’t working back when corona was a beer and not a virus, the pandemic has shattered it.  

Shriver and Garner: Virtual bus tour highlights the Biden-Harris plan for early childhood education
MSNBC | 10/9/20
Garner says “I believe in early childhood education as the first step to helping people who have less in this world ladder up into a successful education, and then into upward mobility, that our country is supposed to offer.”

Gov. DeSantis, First Lady announce $5.2M childcare services grant for confluence of Michael, pandemic
Florida Politics | 10/9/20
Nearly two years after Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle, the Governor’s Office unveiled a $5.2 million grant Friday for the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida.  

Virtual Pre-K becoming an option for Kentucky families
WKYT | 10/9/20
Parents are struggling with questions this fall – do you send kids back to school, or do you continue to help them learn virtually? What do you do with the youngest learners? Is it possible to teach prekindergarten online?   

Missouri reduces subsidies to child care centers serving low-income families with no explanation
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 10/11/20
The state sent the early learning centers a three sentence email: “Child care subsidy payments for August 2020 will return to normal and be based on the child’s actual attendance,” it said, before explaining how payment should be obtained.  

Gov. Parson sets aside relief grants for child-care providers
News-Press Now | 10/13/20
Child-care facilities now are eligible for money to help with the impact of COVID-19 on their business. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson recently announced that he is setting aside $10 million for emergency relief grants to eligible child-care facilities…  

Manufacturers like Corning say child care is essential to North Country’s economic recovery
NCPR | 10/9/20
Sylvie Nelson, the Executive Director of the North Country Workforce Development Board, says it’s time to start thinking of affordable and accessible child care as essential to a strong economy.   

Affordable child care key part of local economy
Daily Star | 10/9/20
Affordable child care can be the key to economic success for families. Sometimes, it’s the key to survival. In a world where two parents have to work to eke out more than the most meagre existence, the ability to find safe, reliable care for children can make all the difference.  

Pennsylvania Senate, House candidates participate in virtual conversation about early childhood education, child care
WGAL | 10/12/20
Several candidates running for Pennsylvania House and Senate seats representing parts of Lancaster County participated in a virtual conversation Thursday about early childhood education and child care.  

Guest Editorial: Protecting child care
The Sentinel | 10/12/20
The November general election is meaningful in many ways, but with a global pandemic blanketing our nation, a handful of issues have cropped up as urgent necessities in a successful recovery: child care tops this list.  

Kindergarten enrollment is way down in WA. What does it mean for kids and families?
The News Tribune | 10/10/20
Enrollment data shows a third of the overall decrease in enrollment is “attributed to kindergarten-age children not enrolling or delaying their kindergarten start,” according to OSPI. That’s a loss of more than 11,000 students.  

Wyoming CARES Dollars to Assist with Child Care Expenses
Wyoming News Now | 10/12/20
The Child care relief program in Wyoming was granted funding during challenging times. The Wyoming Department of Family services sat down with us to talk about how the state CARES dollars are being used.

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