October 16, 2020

Child care facilities are struggling to stay open as many lack the staff, space, and resources to serve all of the families that need them. This is in addition to the ongoing issue of a workforce that is often paid low wages, creating less of an incentive to return to the industry.

With poverty and toxic stress running rampant, the nation needs more services like those that head start provides to keep up with all of the needs of young learners.


Head Start never stops working for children and families, and neither should Congress
The Hill | 10/16/20
Today, an unwavering bipartisan commitment from Congress enables Head Start programs across the nation to serve the educational, socio-emotional, health, and nutrition needs of more than 1 million children in safe, nurturing environments.  

Some child care centers have become more than places that provide care
Hechinger Report | 10/15/20
Research done prior to the pandemic shows that providing intensive supports to parents can have a long-term impact on families. Programs that have adopted a community-schools or wraparound model… can have a big impact on closing the achievement gap.  

OPINION: The invisible toll of mass incarceration on childhood development
Hechinger Report | 10/16/20
A diverse body of research has found that kids with incarcerated parents are more likely than their peers to be placed in special education, be held back in school, receive poor evaluations from teachers, demonstrate increased delinquency and drop out.

Child Care Centers Struggle to Remain Open Amid COVID-19
NBC 4 Los Angeles | 10/15/20
Child care is an essential service for so many parents trying to get back to work, but now child care centers are making a desperate plea for help just to stay open.  

Colorado’s Child Care Landscape Is Shrinking In The Coronavirus Pandemic
CPR News | 10/16/20
Enrollment over the summer for children aged under five dropped 39 percent, and 29 percent for school-aged kids, making the future uncertain for many other providers, who generate revenue mainly through enrollment and tuition.  

Spotlighting a child care subsidy in plain sight
EdNC | 10/16/20
Without the extra emphasis of boldface or italics, a new child care workforce study flips the conventional notion of “subsidy.” In North Carolina, as elsewhere, the network of early childhood care and education not only receives public funding but also is in effect “subsidized” by its poorly paid staffs.  

Child Care Providers Struggle with Lack of Staffing
Spectrum News | 10/16/20
It’s been a challenging couple of months here at Learning Grove Childcare Center in Downtown Cincinnati as they struggle to fill a number of different positions. “Teachers are staying late to cover shifts, and I will go the classroom of need. … Sometimes, I might be in there all day,” said Kathy Benkert, Learning Grove site director.

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