October 20, 2020

FFYF’s own Sarah Rittling was quoted in The 74 today  on the importance of strong leadership (like that of Sen. Patty Murray) in the Senate on issues like early learning and care.

Several pieces are touting the benefits of quality ECE and early interventions as pivotal to whole family wellness and development.

Early learning also happens to be popular with voters as they will soon be making important decisions in the voting booth and at home.


Election to Bring Major Changes to Senate Education Committee, with Early Childhood Champion Patty Murray Likely to Lead if Democrats Prevail
The 74 | 10/19/20“From an [early-childhood education] perspective, you can’t get better than Sen. Murray,” said Sarah Rittling, executive director of the First Five Years Fund, who worked with both Alexander and Murray on the committee. “The longevity that she’s had transcends to staff, which is always really important.”    


Opening ‘so many doors for families’: COVID underscores importance of wrap-around care for new moms and children
USA Today | 10/20/20
During the pandemic, such programs connecting at-risk new mothers and their babies with medical, mental health and social services – through home visits or teams of health workers– have become more critical, and harder to come by.

Voter guide: Nicotine tax would fund Colorado preschool efforts
Chalkbeat | 10/19/20
A tax on nicotine products on this November’s ballot could deliver the dedicated funding source that Colorado preschool advocates have sought for years to make sure more children have access to early learning.  

Opinion: Supporting Pre-K popular with voters
Atlanta Journal Constitution | 10/20/20
In the fourth poll commissioned over the past decade by GEEARS, likely voters in Georgia… say that ensuring access to child care and paid leave is as important as things like reducing the tax burden on individuals.   

Pandemic pushes down Minnesota kindergarten enrollment
Star Tribune | 10/19/20
Kindergarten enrollment has plunged across the Twin Cities metro, as families have sought alternatives to a first year of school spent at least partly in front of a computer screen during the pandemic.  

The case for early childhood intervention
Patriot-News | 10/19/20
A staggering 80-85% of Pennsylvania children under 5 years of age living near the federal poverty line do not have access to high-quality early childhood education. This initiative is desperately needed…

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