October 21, 2020

The health of child care workers is a major concern as new studies report varying degrees of safety during the ongoing pandemic. 

Meanwhile, the importance of early learning and care cannot be overstated as its benefits vary from support for working parents to increasing racial equity.


New Study Looks At Covid-19 Risk In Child Care Workers
Forbes | 10/20/20
A study published in Pediatrics looked at the incidence and risk factors associated with Covid-19 infections in adults caring for children in child care centers in the early months of the pandemic.

Connecting The Dots: Improving Child Care Workers’ Conditions Leads To Better Health, Economic Stability, And Greater Equity
Health Affairs | 10/20/20
Child care workers are a vitally important essential workforce that produces health intergenerationally, for both children and parents. The benefits of child care to early childhood development, long- and short-term child health, and parental employment are well established, but less attention has been paid to the well-being of the workers…  

Expansion of Pre-K Options in Chicago Led to Jump in Black Student Enrollment: Study
WTTW | 10/21/20
For years, the students being enrolled in Chicago Public Schools’ full-day pre-K were largely from White families living in the city’s wealthiest areas. But after reforms were made to make pre-K more accessible to all families, the number of Black students and those from the city’s lowest-income neighborhoods has tripled…  

Editorial: Child-care – Can’t ignore it
St. Albans Messenger | 10/20/20
When faced with this reality, the first step has to be foundational, to ask ourselves what can be built that the economy needs if it is to reestablish itself and to grow. There are several, but none any more important than coming to terms with our child care needs, which means looking at child care differently, primarily as an investment…

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