October 28, 2020


Becoming You’ Docuseries On Apple TV+ Follows 100 Kids Across The World
Romper | 10/27/20
Similarly, the First Five Years Fund has noted that when babies are exposed to prolonged adversity and stress in the first five years of life, they’re more likely to develop life-long learning, behavior, physical, and mental health problems.    

The Pandemic Has Shown What Happens When We Don’t Support Families. Here Are 3 Things the Next Congress Should Do
TIME | 10/27/20
The first 100 days of the new Congress will be critical for jumpstarting our economic recovery, and it is also an unprecedented opportunity to bring us closer to this vision for care in America.  

In the Middle of a Child Care Crisis, Voters Deserve to Know Where Candidates Stand
Inside Sources | 10/28/20
The American people are grappling with intersecting crises that has cost tens of millions of Americans their jobs to the unrelenting child care crisis, and the centuries-long struggle for racial and gender justice.  

Paid leave and child care are fundamental to recovery
The Hill | 10/27/20
Without more support, child care providers that were already stretched pre-pandemic are on the verge of collapse — it’s estimated that only 18 percent of child care programs will survive past the next year without financial support.

Parents, childcare providers asking for state help to prevent more closures
ABC 30 | 10/28/20
Providers, however, say there was a crisis even before the coronavirus as they say childcare was underfunded. They want Governor Gavin Newsom to step in and up funding for child care before more are forced to close. 

Some day care restrictions loosened, more children allowed in
KHQA | 10/27/20
Illinois has expanded the number of children allowed in some day care facilities. This updated capacity will allow more children to return to day care as their parents return to work.  

Michigan’s early childhood program among top in the nation
Manistee News Advocate | 10/27/20
The Michigan Department of Education announced this month that Michigan has met all 10 quality standards for pre-kindergarten set forth by the National Institute for Early Education Research for the third straight year.  

Pre-K in a pandemic: Keeping the youngest learners safe at school
WECT | 10/27/20
Students of all grades and ages are getting back in the classroom, including the youngest learners in New Hanover County. The three- and four-year-olds at Johnson Pre-K Center in Wilmington are getting their first taste of formal education…  

October is Head Start Awareness Month
Tulsa World | 10/27/20
Head Start is a comprehensive program that gives families with low income the opportunity to provide their children with a high-quality, pre-school education at absolutely no cost to them  

New Study Looking At Early Childhood Trauma’s Impact Later In Life
News on 6 | 10/27/20
The Laureate Institute for Brain Research is working on a new study that looks at early childhood trauma and how it affects people later in life. Researchers say it can manifest in anxiety, depression, diabetes, and alcohol and drug abuse.  

Public support for child care is essential to economic recovery
Lehigh Valley Live | 10/27/20
As the United States and the Lehigh Valley both move closer to a consequential election, this may be a rare opportunity to put children’s and families’ needs in the front and center of community discussion.

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