October 7, 2020

A new international study has found that the U.S. is struggling to keep up with other nations when it comes to the well-being of children. The pandemic is exacerbating this issue as child care centers close and economic downturns expose more families to poverty.

The reality of being a parent with young kids or a child care provider has also been complicated by the pandemic as working families (including educators) juggle the demands of work and family.

Lawmakers are doing their best to manage the needs of all involved through new grants and funding but without federal support, their efforts may fall short.


This is what it’s like to be a child care worker and mom of 2 during the coronavirus pandemic
Good Morning America | 10/7/20
Amid the pandemic, child care workers have, on average, remained low paid. In the U.S., child care workers earn on average $11.65 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and often do not have the full care and support afforded to other essential workers, like hospital employees.  

5 Ways Trauma And Poverty Affect Childhood Development
Forbes | 10/7/20
Poverty, neglect, housing instability, violence, food insecurity and separation from parents all affect childhood development – and thus, lifelong health. Although children are born ready to learn and grow, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that occur in youth resulting in toxic stress.  

U.S. ranks near bottom of advanced nations in child wellness — new report
Washington Post | 10/6/20
The United States ranks near the bottom of dozens of advanced nations in terms of the well-being of its children, according to a report with data from before the coronavirus epidemic.

Is it safe for a baby or toddler to stay at day care centers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

KCRW | 10/6/20
Is it safe for a baby or toddler to go to day care during the pandemic? Pasadena mom Katrina Frye has been asking this question since the summer, as her bubbly baby grew into an extroverted toddler.  

Another Round of Grants Available for Minnesota Childcare Providers

KRFO | 10/6/20
According to the DHS press release, more than 7,000 Minnesota providers may be eligible for these funds to help cover the costs of safeguarding the health and safety of the children and staff for the next three months.  

NYC children are back in schools. But working parents, including teachers, are still struggling with child care.

Chalkbeat | 10/6/20
New York City’s Learning Bridges program was launched to close child care gaps while students in the country’s largest school system return to classes part-time. But it’s not working for some of the very people it’s designed to help…  

Rep. Delgado joins local child care roundtable

The Daily Star | 10/7/20
U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-Rhinebeck, joined a virtual panel of local child care providers and business leaders Tuesday, Oct. 6 to discuss the supplementary role of childcare to a viable local workforce.   NORTH

N.C. to offer $35 million in grants for licensed childcare facilities

WECT | 10/6/20
Governor Roy Cooper on Tuesday announced that $35 million in operational grants from federal coronavirus relief funds will be awarded to licensed facilities that offer in-person childcare services.  

Hundreds of Pa. child-care centers have closed, and some fear it will get worse

LebTown | 10/7/20
Between March and the beginning of September, more than 260 licensed child-care programs across Pennsylvania permanently closed, according to Department of Human Services records. More than 400 other licensed programs remain temporarily closed.

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