November 10, 2020


Makeup of Senate Means Biden Will Likely Lack Votes and ‘Big Buckets of Funding’ for Expansive Education Agenda
The 74 | 11/9/20
He has pledged a broad array of expensive programs, ranging from affordable child care and free preschool to tripling the size of Title I and college loan forgiveness. Like former President Barack Obama, Biden is expected to use executive powers…  

Study finds surprising diversity in early child care
Science Daily | 11/9/20
A new study of kindergarteners in one Midwestern state identified seven different pathways the children took in their early education and care before arriving at school. The researchers were surprised by the diverse experiences that kids brought…

Axne says another round of Covid relief should pass by year’s end
Radio Iowa | 11/9/20
Axne says congress must ensure parents can carry over any unused money they’d put aside in flexible savings accounts for child care expenses… Axne says due to the pandemic, many parents weren’t able to find child care — and they stand to lose the money they’d saved to cover those expenses.  

Letters: Child care workers deserve pay and respect
The Advocate | 11/9/20
Across Louisiana, many providers — who were already operating on razor-thin margins prior to the pandemic — have struggled to remain open through much of 2020. Those that were forced to close are struggling to reopen with mandated decreased class sizes and increased costs for necessary PPE and cleaning supplies.

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