November 18, 2020

With the second wave of the pandemic on the horizon, providers are bracing themselves for the worst. Many say they’ve been neglected for far too long.

The future of early learning and care is being discussed as the current system is considered untenable. The incoming Biden administration is calling on Congress for relief while a notable Senator calls on the administration to focus on child care.


As the Pandemic Drags On, Child Care Providers Fight to Keep Their Doors Open
EdSurge | 11/17/20
Child care providers operating on tight budgets are watching the current outbreak of the virus—the worst yet in the U.S., with record-breaking case counts almost daily—with growing trepidation and horror.  

Charting a Future of Child Care Post COVID-19 and Beyond
Ms. Magazine | 11/17/20
Building an affordable child care system is a path out of poverty for American families, especially for women. It can also protect middle-income women and their families from falling into poverty. Now is the time to invest in child care…  

Biden calls for Congress to pass another coronavirus relief package. But there’s no sign of a stimulus deal as holidays approach
CNBC | 11/17/20
As coronavirus outbreaks continue to surge across the U.S., President-elect Joe Biden called on Congress to put its differences aside and provide “immediate relief” for millions of struggling Americans.  

Senator Warren urges Biden: Raise minimum wage, cancel student debt, invest in child care
New York Times | 11/18/20
Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday urged the incoming Biden administration to use all the “tools in their toolbox” to push through Democrats’ priorities — even as the party gave up seats in the House and remains at risk of being unable to take the Senate.

Day Care Providers Say They’e Being Neglected in Pandemic
NBC 4 | 11/17/20
Child care providers say they’re exhausted, and they’re not getting help from the state as some remain open for essential workers.  

California Is Reshaping Its Child Care And Early Education Programs
LAist | 11/17/20
California’s early childhood system is over-burdened and underfunded. Not all low-income families that qualify for free or low-cost child care can access it, other parents are spending a quarter of their income on child care, and the workforce is shrinking.  

Child care advocates seeking more support from the state
Gloucester Daily Times | 11/18/20
Parents are struggling to find reliable and affordable child care as many providers face challenges staying afloat amid the deepening economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak.   

All IN WA aims to raise $10 million to expand child care throughout the state
Yak Tri News | 11/17/20
The Child Care Initiative is hosted by the Seattle Foundation and All IN WA. The organizations say each dollar donated will go towards supporting licensed child care centers and families throughout the state.

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