November 3, 2020

As voting comes to a close, access to child care is more important than ever before.

Many of our nation’s youngest learners are missing out on pivotal years of education that should be preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond.


The Child Care Crisis Will Worsen If We Reelect Trump
Marie Claire | 11/2/20
We can’t waste any more time failing to address this crisis; we have to add it to the growing list of reasons to elect a president who will actually prioritize working families in America.  

How Child Care Became a Centerpiece of the 2020 Election
TalkPoverty | 11/2/20
It’s been six months since it was reported that nearly half of the United States’ child care — 4.5 million slots — is at risk of disappearing. For half a year, child care centers and homes have either been struggling to stay open or closing altogether.  

How to keep preschoolers’ social and emotional development on track while stuck at home
Insider | 11/2/20
To learn social and emotional norms, preschoolers need to interact with others — something that has been curtailed during the pandemic. However, Mendez says that parents can step in to keep their preschoolers developing on track.

California needs a statewide system for measuring kindergarten readiness
Cal Matters | 11/3/20
As we must find solutions to these challenges, we also have to recognize that education-related inequities begin far before children even enter the classroom – inequities that also must be addressed.  

LETTER: Child care programs could have stayed open
News Herald | 11/3/20
The country’s Child Care Programs did not have to close during the Pandemic. Like many organizations, child care programs have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Research Shows Child Care Not Linked to Spread of COVID-19 Early in Pandemic
WDET | 11/3/20
A Yale University study shows child care providers who worked during the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic were no more likely to catch or spread the disease than those who stayed home. They were also no more likely to be hospitalized.

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