November 6, 2020


How an Oregon Measure for Universal Preschool Could Be a National Model
New York Times | 11/6/20
Research has shown that high-quality preschool is beneficial for children, particularly those from low-income families. It helps them prepare for kindergarten — academically, socially and behaviorally — and shrinks achievement gaps.



After Election Day, It’s Time for Leaders to Focus on Popular Early Childhood Education & Family-Friendly Policies
Saporta Report | 11/5/20
Georgia, more than any time in recent memory, is one of the nation’s hottest political battlegrounds. The Presidential candidates made multiple visits to the state recently, while voters were inundated with campaign ads and media coverage…  

Teetering Child Care Programs Ask the State for Help
Maryland Matters | 11/6/20
With reduced enrollment and revenue due to COVID-19 related capacity limits, plus higher costs for extra staff and cleaning supplies, child care providers in Maryland are asking state lawmakers for help.  

Op-ed: Early childhood education is vital to rebuild our economy
Boston Business Journal | 11/6/20
While early education has received significant state support and guidance, in terms of health and safety operations, our challenges have been underestimated and underrepresented. 

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