December 1, 2020

Child care providers face an uncertain future as many struggle to keep their businesses open. Some are asking for increased access to coronavirus testing. It is essential that the child care industry is stabilized as economic recovery depends on it

Innovation in early learning is being discussed as the need for quality ECE grows. Meanwhile school districts are deciding which age groups, pre-k and preschool in particular, should continue learning in person as COVID-19 cases surge. 


Invention Opportunity In Early Learning And Development
Forbes | 11/30/20
While COVID has meaningfully impacted our K-12 and higher education systems in the U.S., the early years have arguably been even more challenged. Child care supply has been decimated and parents of young children are struggling the most.  

Why School Districts Are Bringing Back Younger Children First
New York Times | 11/30/20
After a summer of uncertainty and fear about how schools across the globe would operate in a pandemic, a consensus has emerged in more and more districts: In-person teaching with young children is safer than with older ones and particularly crucial for their development.

Support for child care helps with economy recovery by helping parents get back to work
North Bay Business Journal | 11/30/20
COVID-19 has had a severely negative impact on child care programs nationwide, across California and here in Sonoma County. The Center for American Progress projects that as many as half of California’s child care programs could permanently close in the coming months…  

Help on the Way For Struggling Daycare Centers
NBC Connecticut | 11/30/20
Daycare centers struggling to stay open amid the pandemic will be getting some help from the Women’s Business Development Council.  

Child Care Providers Ask For More Coronavirus Testing Capacity
WBUR | 11/30/20
Most child care centers have re-opened in Massachusetts, but many fear they don’t have enough testing capacity to handle another coronavirus surge. We get the latest from WBUR Edify editor Kathleen McNerney.

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