December 10, 2020

The U.S. economy runs on child care. Without a thrive child care industry working moms have left the workforce and forced providers to make tough decisions about the future of their businesses.

The mental health of young learners is also a concern as the pandemic rages on. Families that were already struggling to make ends meet are more stressed than ever.


The U.S. Child-Care Crisis Is Torturing Parents and the Economy
Bloomberg | 12/10/20
It didn’t seem possible that the U.S. child-care crisis could get much worse. Then came the pandemic, and parents were thrust into full-time caregiving roles for months on end.. that reality has forced millions of parents, mostly mothers, to make tough decisions about how much to work, if at all.  

Childcare issues causing more employees to leave workforce than expected
Biz Women | 12/10/20
Most employers believe they are supportive of their employees’ childcare needs, a recent report found, but they underestimated the number of staffers that would leave the workforce this year amid the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting California families that are already struggling the hardest
Mercury News | 12/9/20
Most residents support boosting child care funding, a government health insurance plan like Medicare, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, free college and eliminating college debt.  

Maryland receives nearly $9 million to enhance early childhood education
Local DVM | 12/9/20
All of Maryland’s congressional delegation announced nearly $9 million in additional funding for early childhood education on Wednesday. The funding came from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…  

Boston’s Child Care System Is Collapsing. We Must Bail It Out
WBUR | 12/10/20
This year’s COVID closures show why child care is a critical piece of our economic infrastructure. Early educators not only provide children with the foundations of healthy development, but they also enable working families to strive for financial freedom…  

Really trying to hold on’: North Carolina child care centers struggle to stay open amid COVID-19 pandemic
ABC News 11 | 12/9/20
More than 900 child care centers across North Carolina have closed since the COVD-19 pandemic and dozens more are struggling to stay open. I know through at least the end of the year I will be ok but I can’t say that for some of my friends…  

Even the youngest Utahns need mental health care, especially in a pandemic, experts say
Deseret News | 12/9/20
The coronavirus pandemic is spotlighting the need for mental health care for the youngest Utahns, a group of experts said Wednesday as a new report estimated up to 20% of children from infancy to 8 years old may experience challenges.

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