On Wednesday, FFYF sponsored an event with The Atlantic: Politics & Policy to discuss the ABC’s of Early Childhood.

The event featured two panel discussions about what this unprecedented election season might mean for early care and learning inside the beltway.

The first panel featured Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas and Republican Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia – two champions of early childhood on Capitol Hill. Moderator Steve Clemons of The Atlantic facilitated a terrific discussion between the two lawmakers about the truly bipartisan support for early childhood.

Later during the second panel, Democratic political strategist Hilary Rosen and Republican journalist and commentator Mary Katharine Ham debated how early childhood might fit into the priorities of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – especially in light of the overwhelming support for the issue we found in our latest national poll.

If you missed the live stream of the event, don’t worry! You can watch the whole thing online here:

And check out some of the great chatter on Twitter during the event: