Ever wonder how your city’s educational outcomes compare to other places? Well you are in luck. The George W. Bush Institute recently released a new website that showcases over 100 city profiles on educational performance around the nation.

City reports are interactive and provide key data on factors impacting education such as student demographics, achievements, and outcomes. There is even a section on early childhood education enrollment, and programs.

“Educators, parents, policymakers, and importantly, our mayors, need access to objective, comparable data so that they can make decisions to support the success of all students in their communities,” said Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director of the Bush Institute. “Mayors and state and local policymakers have an even greater role to play than ever before in improving the schools in their cities, and this tool is an especially valuable resource for them.”

Read more about the George W. Bush Institute’s Education Reform Initiative and check out the tool at www.bushcenter.org.