Given the resounding evidence that investing in early learning drives economic prosperity, why aren’t candidates trumpeting early learning platforms? Why isn’t the voting populace clamoring for them to talk about it? And what can we as advocates do to change all that and inject some early learning into the dialog?

We tackled those questions and more on Tuesday, when early learning took its place in the spotlight amid an audience of 200 policy, political, research, media and business representatives who joined the First Five Years Fund and National Journal for an early learning policy summit.

Want to relive the summit or experience it for the first time? You can check out event photos on FacebookEducation Week offered their take on the event.

The expert panelists hit on a number of key themes—the importance of supporting parents, developing socio-emotional skills, focusing on quality, on infants and toddlers, and on the most at risk. Do you have a favorite line you wish you could put on repeat for the journalists, business leaders, and policymakers in your life? Stay tuned—FFYF will be packaging highlights, and we’ll be counting on you to keep the dialog going!