Finding and affording quality child care & early learning options should never be a burden that prevents a parent from being able to work. Yet for years, the high cost of quality care and the limited supply across the country have created insurmountable challenges for too many families.

We have an opportunity to change that.

Now is the time to pass the Build Back Better Act and build a child care system that works for the families who need it.

With meaningful investment and reforms, we can:

  • Ensure all families who need it can afford high-quality preschool and child care;
  • Build up the nation’s supply of quality child care so families have options that meet their needs;
  • Further improve the quality of care in America to ensure all families have access to options that support their children’s healthy development;
  • Address longstanding, systemic challenges facing America’s child care providers so they can attract, retain, and support quality early childhood educators and caregivers.

Build Back Better Act

Congress is considering the Build Back Better Act, which includes a sweeping reform proposal to significantly and sustainably expand access to and the quality of child care & early learning in America. The proposal includes a $225 billion investment to address the child care needs of families and providers, $220 billion to expand voluntary preschool access to all 3- and 4-year-olds, and a permanent extension of recent improvements from the American Rescue Plan to various tax credits, including to the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC), among other provisions to help working parents and young children. These investments and tax credits reinforce the benefits of a strong mixed delivery system that prioritizes parent choice, both in whether to utilize non-parental care, but also in determining the type and setting of care that best meets their needs. Learn more.

For years, Democrats and Republicans in Washington have worked together on meaningful child care and early learning solutions for working families. And governors from Red and Blue states alike have been at the forefront of expanding child care and preschool opportunities, often in partnership with the federal government.

As the Biden administration undertakes a historic effort to stimulate the economy through a major infrastructure package and a sweeping reform proposal to significantly and sustainably expand access to quality, affordable child care and early learning, there can be no doubt that an investment to build up a thriving child care market with supports for working parents will be central to our nation’s economic success. Tell your lawmakers you support a major investment in child care and preschool. 

Building a Child Care & Early Learning System that Works for Working Families and Providers

There is tremendous momentum in Washington for early learning and care, driven by near-unanimous support among voters across the political spectrum, years of progress made through consistent bipartisan cooperation among federal policymakers, and an ever-deepening understanding about the crucial role early learning plays in the near- and longterm success of children and families.

Already this year there has been unprecedented attention – and action – on child care and early learning in our nation’s capital. With the introduction of multiple bills and proposals with sweeping reforms and investments in America’s child care system, in addition to bipartisan cooperation highlighting the essential role child care plays for families and our economy during Senate and House committee hearings and child care and early learning’s starring role in President Biden’s first Joint Address to Congress, there has never been a brighter spotlight on opportunities to address the needs of America’s youngest learners, their families, and the providers who care for them.

POLLING: Child Care & Early Learning is Smart Policy AND Smart Politics

There is overwhelming bipartisan support among voters nationally and in key electoral swing states for a wide range of federal child care & early learning policy proposals that already have the backing of many Democratic and Republican policymakers in Washington, including the elements of the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. Without question, American voters understand that child care is essential – for families, and the economy – and they want to see their lawmakers work together with the Biden administration to find solutions that work for working parents. Learn more.

Our Child Care System is Not Meeting the Needs of Families, Providers, or the Economy

Finding and affording quality child care and early learning options shouldn’t be the reason parents choose not to work. Yet for years, the high cost of quality care and the limited supply across the country have created insurmountable challenges for too many families. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the child care industry to the brink of collapse, exacerbating these longstanding challenges of both supply and demand, while also placing a spotlight on the essential role early learning and care plays for families, businesses and our economy. See why our current system of early learning and care is not meeting the needs of families, providers, and the overall economy. Learn more.

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