Finding and affording quality child care & early learning options should never be a burden that prevents a parent from being able to work. Yet for years, the high cost of quality care and the limited supply across the country have created insurmountable challenges for too many families.

We have an opportunity to change that.

As negotiations on a budget reconciliation bill evolve on Capitol Hill, HELP Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (WA) and Senator Tim Kaine (VA) have unveiled a revamped child care proposal from what was originally introduced as part of the Build Back Better Act. This is a clear signal that Democratic leaders remain confident child care can and must be included in reconciliation, which is why they’ve worked to craft an early learning and care proposal with input from across the Caucus that fits within the parameters of the narrower reconciliation package currently under consideration.

Budget reconciliation offers the only viable path to securing the funding required to support a strong, stable child care system.

With meaningful investment and reforms, we can:

  • Ensure more families who need it can afford the high-quality preschool and child care options they choose for their children;
  • Build up the nation’s supply of quality child care so families have options that meet their needs;
  • Further improve the quality of care in America to ensure more families have access to options that support their children’s healthy development;
  • Address longstanding, systemic challenges facing America’s child care providers so they can attract, retain, and support quality early childhood educators and caregivers.

Tell Your Senators: Include Child Care in Reconciliation! & Pre-K

The economic package that Congressional Democrats are negotiating is the only viable opportunity to secure the funding required to support a strong, stable early learning system in America. But reports suggest that lawmakers are considering abandoning child care and pursuing legislation without it.

We cannot let that happen.

Will you tell your Democratic senators child care and Pre-K must be included in the reconciliation package?

POLLING: Voter Support for Child Care Rivals Drug Pricing, Climate & Energy in Reconciliation

As Congressional Democrats negotiate the contents of a budget reconciliation package, new polling shows that likely voters in seven Senate battleground states have a clear, two-pronged message for Congress: the legislation should lower the costs for families; and support for lowering the cost of child care rivals prescription drug prices and climate change for inclusion in this package. Learn more.

The Child Care Crisis: Why the Status Quo is Failing Families, Early Educators, and our Economy

Without question, child care is an integral pillar to supporting a robust economy and our children’s long-term success. Our top priority must be building a stable early learning system that ensures every parent can find and afford quality child care and pre-K options that meet their needs – ensuring children, parents, and our economy can thrive. Learn more.

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