Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released his education policy plan, which prioritizes lifelong learning and strengthening early childhood education. Gov. Bush states that it is his “fundamental belief that every student can learn and that parents – not bureaucrats—should make decisions for their child.”

“That’s why I believe that there should be a real focus on early childhood education so that everybody has a chance to rise up. Because without a quality education, there is no equality of opportunity,” the former Florida governor stated in a video.

Read Jeb Bush’s early childhood education policy in his platform here:

Despite spending roughly $22 billion each year on early childhood through approximately 44 different programs, too many low-income children are unprepared for school. In order to ensure that those dollars are spent directly on children’s education rather than wasted on bureaucracy, Governor Bush would allow states to give funds directly to parents and let them choose the type of education that their children actually need (day, night, weekends, center-based, home-based, etc.), rather than the type a bureaucrat is offering. Giving families choice will ensure individual children’s educational needs are met, as well as fueling a focus on results, innovation, transparency and accountability in early childhood education.

Once again, we’re seeing presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle prioritizing early childhood education, and putting the interest of our nation’s youngest learners first. FFYF has been meeting with the leading presidential campaigns to educate them on the benefits of, and support for investing in early childhood education.

Experts agree that investing in quality early learning is one of the most proven methods of expanding opportunities for children- especially those living in poverty. We applaud Governor Bush for recognizing that in his his education policy plan.

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