Over 500 state legislators from all 50 states have signed the following letter addressed to members of the Budget Conference Committee urging that federal investments in early childhood education become a priority in upcoming budget decisions.

Dear Chairman Murray, Chairman Ryan, Ranking Member Sessions, and Ranking Member VanHollen:

As Democratic and Republican state legislators from across the country, we understand the challenges of balancing budgets while making critical investments that drive economic success for our constituents and states. We believe that maintaining and expanding high quality early childhood education is an effective and efficient expenditure even when budgets are tight. We urge you to make these investments in young children a priority in your deliberations.

Quality early childhood education programs are a critical tool for preventing the achievement gap, boosting school achievement, reducing the need for special and remedial education, building stronger families, and preparing our future workforce of highly productive adults. Simply put, early childhood programs are a key solution to prevent many of the problems that require increased social spending and result in budget deficits.

Many states and communities have developed and expanded preschool programs that produce results for children, families and taxpayers. Despite significant investments, we are still serving a fraction of the children we need to reach and educate. Increased federal funding will help improve and expand early childhood education, provide greater access to children in need, and produce better education, health and economic outcomes.

Early childhood education is a practical, not partisan issue. We hear demand for it every day from parents, educators, business leaders, communities of faith, and Democrats and Republicans alike. Your budget negotiations present an opportunity to rally around something on which the vast majority of Americans agree: children are our greatest resource, and quality early learning is one of the best investments we can make in their future and ours.


Representative Les Gara (AK-18)
Representative Terri Collins (AL-08)
Senator Joyce Elliott (AR-33)
Senator Linda Lopez (AZ-02)
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (CA-17)
Assemblymember Richard Bloom (CA-50)
Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra (CA-39)
Assemblymember Susan Bonilla (CA-14)
Assemblymember Rob Bonta (CA-18)
Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (CA-16)
Assemblymember Ian Calderón (CA-57)
Assemblymember Roger Hernández (CA-48)
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (CA-19)
Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer (CA-59)
Senator Ricardo Lara (CA-33)
Senator Carol Liu (CA-25)
Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal (CA-70)
Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (CA-63)
Senator Darrell Steinberg (CA-6)
Assemblymember Shirley Weber (CA-79)
Representative Cherylin Peniston (CO-35)
Senator Danté Bartolomeo (CT-13)
Senator Beth Bye (CT-5)
Senator Bob Duff (CT-25)
Senator Terry Gerratana (CT-6)
Representative Susan Johnson (CT-49)
Representative Bobby Sanchez (CT-25)
Senator Andrea Stillman (CT-20)
Senator Donald E. Williams, Jr. (CT-29)
Representative Paul Baumbach (DE-23)
Senator Bethany Hall-Long (DE-10)
Representative Debra Heffernan (DE-06)
Representative Quinn Johnson (DE-08)
Senator Harris McDowell (DE-01)
Representative Michael Ramone (DE-21)
Representative Melanie George Smith (DE-05)
Senator David Sokola (DE-08)
Senator Dwight Bullard (FL-39)
Representative Manny Diaz, Jr. (FL-103)
Representative Erik Fresen (FL-114)
Senator Steve Henson (GA-41)
Representative Carolyn Hugley (GA-136)
Senator Nan Orrock (GA-36)
Senator Mike Gabbard (HI-20)
Senator Daryl Beall (IA-05)
Senator Joe Bolkcom (IA-43)
Senator Chris Brase (IA-46)
Senator Tom Courtney (IA-44)
Senator Jeff Danielson (IA-30)
Senator Robert Dvorsky (IA-37)
Senator Mike Gronstal (IA-08)
Senator Rita Hart (IA-49)
Senator Pam Jochum (IA-50)
Senator Janet Petersen (IA-18)
Senator Herman Quirmbach (IA-23)
Senator Amanda Ragan (IA-27)
Senator Rich Taylor (IA-42)
Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm (IA-26)
Representative Hy Kloc (ID-16)
Senator Daniel Biss (IL-09)
Senator Melinda Bush (IL-31)
Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (IL-83)
Representative Ken Dunkin (IL-05)
Representative Sara Feigenholtz (IL-12)
Representative Laura Fine (IL-17)
Representative Barbara Flynn Currie (IL-25)
Representative Robyn Gabel (IL-18)
Representative Lisa Hernandez (IL-24)
Senator Dan Kotowski (IL-28)
Representative Lou Lang (IL-16)
Representative Camille Lilly (IL-78)
Representative Robert Martwick (IL-19)
Representative Frank Mautino (IL-76)
Representative Robert Pritchard (IL-70)
Representative Scott Pelath (IN-09)
Representative John Wilson (KS-10)
Representative Valdenia Winn (KS-34)
Representative Joni Jenkins (KY-44)
Representative Walt J. Leger III (LA-91)
Representative Patricia Haynes Smith (LA-67)
Representative Jennifer E. Benson (MA-37th Middlesex District)
Representative Paul Brodeur (MA-32nd Middlesex District)
Representative Josh Cutler (MA-6th Plymouth District)
Representative Marjorie Decker (MA-25th Middlesex District)
Senator Sal DiDomenico (MA-Middlesex and Suffolk District)
Senator Benjamin B. Downing (MA-Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden District)
Senator Jamie Eldridge (MA-Middlesex & Worcester District)
Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier (MA-3rd Berkshire District)
Representative Patricia Haddad (MA-5th Bristol District)
Representative Jay Livingstone (MA-8th Suffolk District)
Senator Michael O. Moore (MA-2nd Worcester District)
Representative Alice Peisch (MA-14th Norfolk District)
Representative Tom Sannicandro (MA-7th Middlesex District)
Senator Karen E. Spilka (MA-2nd Middlesex & Norfolk District)
Representative Aaron Vega (MA-5th Hampden District)
Senator Lisa Gladden (MD-41)
Delegate Sheila E. Hixson (MD-20)
Delegate Anne R. Kaiser (MD-14)
Senator Nancy J. King (MD-39)
Senator Justin Alfond (ME-08)
Representative Roberta Beavers (ME-148)
Representative Henry Beck (ME-76)
Representative Seth Berry (ME-67)
Representative Ben Chipman (ME-119)
Representative Ann Dorney (ME-86)
Senator Chris Johnson (ME-20)
Representative Chuck Kruger (ME-48)
Representative Walter A. Kumiega III (ME-36)
Representative Karen Kusiak (ME-84)
Representative Thomas Longstaff (ME-77)
Representative W. Bruce MacDonald (ME-61)
Representative Andrew Mason (ME-60)
Senator Rebecca Millett (ME-07)
Representative Kimberly J. Monaghan-Derrig (ME-121)
Representative Matthew W. Moonen (ME-118)
Representative Margaret Rotundo (ME-74)
Representative Linda Sanborn (ME-130)
Senator Eloise Vitelli (ME-19)
Senator Glenn Anderson (MI-06)
Senator Steve Bieda (MI-09)
Representative Brandon Dillon (MI-75)
Representative Fred Durhal, Jr. (MI-05)
Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright (MI-92)
Representative Jeff Irwin (MI-53)
Senator Roger Kahn (MI-32)
Representative Robert L. Kosowski (MI-16)
Representative Ellen Lipton (MI-27)
Representative Matt Lori (MI-59)
Representative Amanda Price (MI-89)
Senator Randy Richardville (MI-17)
Representative Bill Rogers (MI-42)
Representative Harvey Santana (MI-09)
Representative Sam Singh (MI-69)
Representative Jon Switalski (MI-28)
Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (MI-02)
Senator Rebekah Warren (MI-18)
Senator Gretchen Whitmer (MI-23)
Representative Connie Bernardy (MN-41A)
Senator Kevin Dahle (MN-20)
Representative Jim Davnie (MN-63A)
Senator Chris Eaton (MN-40)
Representative Patti Fritz (MN-24B)
Representative Laurie Halverson (MN-51B)
Representative Melissa Hortman (MN-36B)
Senator Alice Johnson (MN-37)
Representative Carlos Mariani (MN-65B)
Representative Paul Marquart (MN-4B)
Representative Rena Moran (MN-65A)
Representative Joe Mullery (MN-59A)
Representative Jerry Newton (MN-37A)
Representative Joe Radinovich (MN-10B)
Representative Yvonne Selcer (MN-48A)
Representative Linda Slocum (MN-50A)
Representative Paul Thissen (MN-61B)
Senator Chuck Wiger (MN-43)
Representative Bob Burns (MO-93)
Senator S. Kiki Curls (MO-09)
Representative Rory Ellinger (MO-86)
Representative Vicki Englund (MO-94)
Representative Jake Hummel (MO-81)
Senator Joseph Keaveny (MO-04)
Representative Jeanne Kirkton (MO-91)
Representative Jeremy LaFaver (MO-25)
Representative Tom McDonald (MO-28)
Representative Margo McNeil (MO-69)
Representative Gina Mitten (MO-83)
Representative Genise Montecillo (MO-92)
Senator Jamilah Nasheed (MO-05)
Representative Stacey Newman (MO-87)
Representative Mary Nichols (MO-72)
Representative Charlie Norr (MO-132)
Representative Bill Otto (MO-70)
Representative Sharon Pace (MO-74)
Representative Jill Schupp (MO-88)
Senator Scott Sifton MO-01)
Representative Clem Smith (MO-85)
Representative Jay Swearingen (MO-18)
Senator Gina Walsh (MO-13)
Representative John Wright (MO-47)
Senator Brice Wiggins (MS-52)
Senator Dick Barrett (MT-47)
Senator Mary Cafferro (MT-40)
Representative Amanda Curtis (MT-76)
Senator Tom Facey (MT-48)
Representative Ellie Boldman Hill (MT-94)
Senator Christine Kaufmann MT (41)
Senator Cliff Larsen (MT-50)
Senator Sue Malek (MT-46)
Representative Tom Steenberg (MT-95)
Senator Gene Vuckovich (MT-43)
Representative Susan Fisher (NC-114)
Representative Tom Beadle (ND-27)
Representative Joshua Boschee (ND-44)
Representative Lois Delmore (ND-43)
Representative Eliot Glassheim (ND-18)
Representative Jessica Haak (ND-12)
Representative Ben Hanson (ND-16)
Representative Kathy Hawken (ND-46)
Senator Joan Heckaman (ND-23)
Representative Kathy Hogan (ND-21)
Representative Nancy Johnson (ND-37)
Senator Judy Lee (ND-13)
Representative Andy Maragos (ND-03)
Representative Bob Martinson (ND-35)
Senator Tim Mathern (ND-11)
Representative Gail Mooney (ND-20)
Senator Philip Murphy (ND-20)
Representative Jon Nelson (ND-14)
Representative Kylie Oversen (ND-42)
Representative Mark Sanford (ND-17)
Senator Mac Schneider (ND-42)
Senator Kathy Campbell (NE-25)
Senator Colby Coash (NE-27)
Senator Danielle Conrad CNE-46)
Senator Sue Crawford (NE-45)
Senator Al Davis (NE-43)
Senator Ken Haar (NE-21)
Senator John Harms (NE-48)
Senator Sara Howard (NE-09)
Senator Heath Mello (NE-05)
Representative Bill Baber (NH-14)
Representative Ed Butler (NH-07)
Representative Sylvia E. Gale (NH-28)
Representative Mary Stuart Gile (NH-Merrimack 27)
Representative David Huot (NH-Belknap 03)
Representative Jim Verschueren (NH-13)
Representative Mary Jane Wallner (NH-10)
Senator Sandra B. Cunningham (NJ-31)
Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan (NJ-18)
Senator Linda R. Greenstein (NJ-14)
Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey (NJ-27)
Senator Nellie Pou (NJ-35)
Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (NJ-32)
Senator Ronald L. Rice (NJ-28)
Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (NJ-29)
Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer (NJ-36)
Senator Loretta Weinberg (NJ-37)
Representative Gail Chasey (NM-18)
Senator Carlos Cisneros (NM-06)
Senator Sue Wilson Beffort (NM-19)
Assemblyman David Bobzien (NV-24)
Assemblywoman Marilyn Dondero Loop (NV-05)
Senator Tony Avella (NY-11)
Assemblyman Harry Bronson (NY-138)
Assemblyman David Buchwald (NY-93)
Senate David Carlucci (NY-38)
Assemblyman John D. Ceretto (NY-145)
Assemblywoman Jane L. Corwin (NY-144)
Assemblyman David J. DiPietro (NY-147)
Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy (NY-109)
Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr (NY-08)
Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak (NY-143)
Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (NY-59)
Assemblyman Richard N. Gottfried (NY-75)
Senator Mark J. Grisanti (NY-60)
Senator Kemp Hannon (NY-06)
Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (NY-28)
Assemblymember Ellen Jaffee (NY-97)
Assemblyman Michael P. Kearns (NY-142)
Senator Timothy M. Kennedy (NY-63)
Senator Jeff Klein (NY-34)
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (NY-123)
Senator Carl Marcellino (NY-05)
Senator Jack Martins (NY-07)
Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer (NY-90)
Senator George Maziarz (NY-62)
Senator Velmanette Montgomery (NY-25)
Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle (NY-136)
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (NY-88)
Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples (NY-141)
Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer (NY-61)
Senator Joseph E. Robach (NY-56)
Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan (NY-149)
Senate Diane Savino (NY-23)
Assemblywoman Robin Schimminger (NY-140)
Senator Dean G. Skelos (NY-09)
Assemblyman James Skoufis (NY-99)
Assemblyman Matthew Titone (NY-61)
Senator David Valesky (NY-53)
Assemblyman Raymond W. Walter (NY-146)
Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg (NY-20)
Representative Nick Barborak (OH-05)
Senator Bill Beagle (OH-05)
Representative Kevin Boyce (OH-25)
Representative Arnold Budish (OH-8)
Senator Capri Cafaro (OH-32)
Representative Kathleen Clyde (OH-75)
Representative Denise Driehaus (OH-31)
Representative Teresa Fedor (OH-45)
Senator Lou Gentile (OH-30)
Representative Tracy Heard (OH-26)
Senator Peggy Lehner (OH-06)
Representative Debbie Phillips (OH-94)
Senator Joe Schiavoni OH-33)
Representative Fred Strahorn (OH-39)
Representative Vernon Sykes (OH-34)
Senator Charleta Tavares (OH-15)
Senator Nina Turner (OH-25)
Representative Ann Coody (OK-64)
Representative Peter Buckley (OR-05)
Senator Michael Dembrow (OR-23)
Representative David Gomberg (OR-10)
Representative John E. Huffman (OR-59)
Representative Bill Kennemer (OR-39)
Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer (OR-46)
Representative Betty Komp (OR-22)
Senator Rod Monroe (OR-24)
Representative Tobias Read (OR-27)
Representative Brad Witt (OR-31)
Senator David Argall (PA-29)
Representative Ryan Bizzarro (PA-03)
Senator John Blake (PA-22)
Representative Karen Boback (PA-117)
Senator Lisa Boscola (PA-18)
Representative Kevin Boyle (PA-172)
Representative Matthew Bradford (PA-70)
Representative Tim Briggs (PA-149)
Representative Vanessa Brown (PA-190)
Senator Patrick Browne (PA-16)
Representative Michelle Brownlee (PA-195)
Representative Scott Conklin (PA-77)
Senator Jay Costa (PA-43)
Representative Paul Costa (PA-34)
Representative Margo Davidson (PA-164)
Representative Madeleine Dean (PA-153)
Representative Pamela DeLissio (PA-194)
Representative Anthony DeLuca (PA-32)
Representative Frank Dermody (PA-33)
Representative Gene DiGirolamo (PA-18)
Senator Edwin Erickson (PA-26)
Representative Dwight Evans (PA-203)
Senator Lawrence M. Farnese, Jr. (PA-01)
Senator Jim Ferlo (PA-38)
Senator Wayne Fontana (PA-42)
Representative Dan Frankel (PA-23)
Representative Robert Freeman (PA-136)
Representative Ed Gainey (PA-24)
Representative Mauree Gingrich (PA-101)
Representative Glen R. Grell (PA-87)
Representative Marcia M. Hahn (PA-138)
Representative Patrick Harkins (PA-01)
Representative Jordan Harris (PA-186)
Senator Vincent Hughes (PA-07)
Senator Shirley Kitchen (PA-03)
Representative Bill C. Kortz II (PA-38)
Representative Deberah Kula (PA-52)
Senator Daylin Leach (PA-17)
Representative Mark Longietti (PA-07)
Representative Joseph F. Markosek (PA-25)
Senator Charles T. McIlhinney Jr. (PA-10)
Senator Bob Mensch (PA-24)
Representative Nicholas A. Miccarelli III (PA-162)
Representative David R. Millard (PA-109)
Representative Daniel L. Miller (PA-42)
Representative Rick Mirabito (PA-83)
Representative Erin Molchany (PA-22)
Representative Gerald J. Mullery (PA-119)
Representative Phyllis Mundy (PA-120)
Representative Thomas Murt (PA-152)
Representative Bernie O’Neill (PA-29)
Representative Mark Painter (PA-146)
Representative Cherelle L. Parker (PA-200)
Representative Eddie Pashinski (PA-121)
Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr. (PA-188)
Representative Steve Samuelson (PA-135)
Representative Lynda Schlegel-Culver (PA-108)
Representative Mike H. Schlossberg (PA-132)
Senator Judith L. Schwank (PA-11)
Senator Matt Smith (PA-37)
Senator Michael J. Stack (PA-05)
Representative P. Michael Sturla (PA-96)
Representative Rosemarie Swanger (PA-102)
Senator Rob Teplitz (PA-15)
Representative W. Curtis Thomas (PA-181)
Senator LeAnna M. Washington (PA-04)
Representative Katharine M. Watson (PA-144)
Representative Jake Wheatley, Jr. (PA-19)
Senator Don White (PA41)
Senator Anthony Williams (PA-08)
Senator John T. Yudichak (PA-14)
Representative Edith Ajello (RI-01)
Representative Gregg Amore (RI-65)
Representative Maria Cimini (RI-07)
Representative Grace Diaz (RI-11)
Representative Frank Ferri (RI-22)
Representative Linda Finn (RI-72)
Representative Jeremiah T. O’Grady (RI-46)
Senator Juan M. Pichardo (RI-02)
Representative Deborah L. Ruggiero (RI-74)
Representative Teresa Tanzi (RI-34)
Senator Elizabeth A. Crowley (RI-16)
Senator Hanna M. Gallo (RI-27)
Representative Joy Hearn (RI-66)
Representative Joseph M. McNamara (RI-19)
Senator M. Teresa Paiva Weed (RI-13)
Representative Scott Slater (RI-10)
Representative Chandra Dillard (SC-23)
Senator Larry Lucas (SD-26)
Representative JoAnne Favors (TN-28)
Senator Thelma Harper (TN-19)
Senator Jim Kyle (TN-30)
Representative Larry Miller (TN-88)
Representative Gene Wu (TX-137)
Representative Patrice Arent (UT-36)
Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck (UT-24)
Representative Brian S. King (UT-28)
Senator Barbara Favola (VA-31)
Senator Janet Howell (VA-32)
Delegate Rob Krupicka (VA-45)
Delegate-elect Monty Mason (VA-93)
Delegate Jennifer McClellan (VA-71)
Delegate Joseph D. Morrissey (VA-74)
Delegate Mark Sickles (VA-43)
Delegate Scott A. Surovell (VA-44)
Delegate Kaye Kory (VA-38)
Representative Sarah Buxton (VT-Windsor-Orange-1 District)
Representative Joanna Cole (VT-Chittenden-6-1 District)
Representative George C. Cross (VT-Chittenden-6-7 District)
Representative Johanna Donovan (VT-Chittenden-6-5 District)
Representative Michelle Fay (VT-Caledonia-3 District)
Representative Patsy French (VT-Orange-Washington-Addison District)
Representative Anne Gallivan (VT-Rutland-Windsor-1 District)
Representative Helen Head (VT-Chittenden-7-3 District)
Representative Martha Heath (VT-Chittenden-8-3 District)
Representative Warren Kitzmiller (VT-Washington-4 District)
Representative Jill Krowinski (VT-Chittenden-6-3 District)
Representative Ann Manwaring (VT-Windham-6 District)
Representative Peter Peltz (VT-Lamoille-Washington District)
Representative Barbara Rachelson (VT-Chittenden-6-6 District)
Representative Dave Sharpe (VT-Addison-4 District)
Representative Suzi Wizowaty (VT-Chittenden-6-5 District)
Representative Mark Woodward (VT-Lamoille-2 District)
Representative Mike Yantachka (VT-Chittenden-4-1 District)
Representative Sherry Appleton (WA-23)
Representative Steve Bergquist (WA-11)
Senator Andy Billig (WA-03)
Representative Brian Blake (WA-19)
Representative Frank Chopp (WA-43)
Senator Annette Cleveland (WA-49)
Representative Eileen Cody (WA-34)
Representative Cathy Dahlquist (WA-31)
Senator Joe Fain (WA-47)
Representative Jessyn Farrell (WA-46)
Representative Jake Fey (WA-27)
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon (WA-34)
Senator Karen Fraser (WA-22)
Representative Roger Freeman (WA-30)
Senator David Frockt (WA-46)
Representative Roger Goodman (WA-45)
Representative Cyrus Habib (WA-48)
Senator Bob Hasegawa (WA-11)
Senator Andy Hill (WA-45)
Senator Steve Hobbs (WA-44)
Representative Sam Hunt (WA-22)
Representative Ross Hunter (WA-48)
Representative Laurie Jinkins (WA-27)
Representative Ruth Kagi (WA-32)
Senator Karen Keiser (WA-33)
Senator Adam Kline (WA-37)
Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (WA-36)
Representative Marko Liias (WA-21)
Senator Steve Litzow (WA-41)
Representative Drew MacEwen (WA-35)
Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (WA-01)
Representative John McCoy (WA-38)
Representative Jim Moeller (WA-49)
Senator Sharon Nelson (WA-34)
Representative Tina Orwall (WA-33)
Representative Eric Pettigrew (WA-37)
Representative Gerry Pollet (WA-46)
Representative Chris Reykdal (WA-22)
Representative Marcus Riccelli (WA-03)
Representative Mary Helen Roberts (WA-21)
Senator Christine Rolfes (WA-23)
Representative Cindy Ryu WA-32)
Representative David Sawyer (WA-29)
Representative Larry Seaquist (WA-26)
Representative Mike Sells (WA-38)
Senator Paull Shin (WA-21)
Representative Larry Springer (WA-45)
Representative Monica Stonier (WA-17)
Representative Dean Takko (WA-19)
Representative Gael Tarleton (WA-36)
Representative Steve Tharinger (WA-24)
Representative Kevin Van De Wege (WA-24)
Representative Maureen Walsh (WA-16)
Representative Mandela Barnes (WI-11)
Representative Terese Berceau (WI-77)
Representative Janet Bewley (WI-74)
Representative Jill Billings (WI-95)
Senator Tim Cullen (WI-15)
Senator Jon Erpenbach (WI-27)
Representative Eric Genrich (WI-90)
Senator Dave Hansen (WI-30)
Senator Nikiya Harris (WI-06)
Representative Robb Kahl (WI-47)
Representative Debra Kolste (WI-44)
Senator Julie M. Lassa (WI-24)
Representative Cory Mason (WI, 66)
Representative Tod Ohnstad (WI, 65)
Representative Melissa Sargent (WI-48)
Senator Jennifer Shilling (WI-32)
Representative Christine Sinicki (WI-20)
Representative Chris Taylor (WI-76)
Senator Kathleen Vinehout (WI-31)
Senator Robert Wirch (WI-22)
Representative Josh Zepnick (WI-09)
Delegate Nancy Peoples Guthrie (WV-36)
Delegate Doug Reynolds (WV-17)
Senator Ron Stollings (WV-07)
Senator Erik Wells (WV-08)
Senator Corey Palumbo (WV-17)
Senator Jim Anderson (WY-02)
CC: Members of the Budget Conference Committee

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