We spend a lot of time touting the benefits of quality early childhood education (ECE) for low income children. After all, brain science proves that these programs have long-term positive effects on children, families, and entire communities.

The state of Louisiana has made a significant investment in early childhood education programs through school readiness tax credits. These tax credits have helped to grow the number and expand the reach of a network of early education providers throughout the state. Each of these providers is a locally operating small business. These new small businesses are creating job opportunities for workers, and these workers spend their earnings locally. In 2015, the Committee for Economic Development conducted a study which found that for every dollar spent on ECE, the return is $1.78 into the local economy. Statewide, the ECE sector generates over $800 million in direct and indirect economic activity.

As Congress looks to revise our federal tax code, Louisiana provides an excellent example of what works. Multiple state tax credits have served to both improve access to early childhood education as well as increase the quality of care provided at those centers. High-quality education for young kids and good jobs to support local economies…that’s a win-win!

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