According to a new Gallup poll, the majority (80%) of U.S. K-12 public school superintendents say their state is investing too little in early childhood education programs.

When asked about the impact of early childhood programs on student success, as many as 77% of superintendents believe programs have a “great-deal” of long-term impact on the success of students in school, underscoring the importance of greater investment in early childhood programs overall.

As for the perceived quality and availability of programs in their districts and states, only 16% of superintendents surveyed believe that high-quality early childhood education and care is available to every family in their state.

Superintendents, whose role is often making decisions about educational programs, staff, spending, and more, have a unique perspective about the needs and opportunities to improve outcomes for students. And this poll makes clear their belief that greater access to high-quality early childhood education would benefit children’s educational outcomes.

Once again, the poll underscores the importance of high-quality early learning and care programs and the need for greater investment.

Read the full survey results here.