State leaders are at the forefront of creating innovative early childhood care and learning systems around the country. The Child Care State Capacity Building Center (SCBC), one of the Office of Care’s Technical Assistance (TA) Centers, released a number of new resources this month that provide state leaders with early childhood technical assistance (TA) support. Specifically, the SCBC Infant/Toddler Specialist Network resources help support policies and practices to increase the supply of high-quality infant and toddler child care.

The SCBC Infant/Toddler Specialist Network, of the three SCBC networks, plays a critical role in helping state and territory lead agencies promote consistent coordination and implementation of high-quality infant and toddler programs across states and local communities.

New resources include:

Research shows us that when young children experience quality early care and learning they have better education, health, social and economic outcomes in life – increasing their productivity and reducing the need for spending later on. The SCBC’s resources once again play a critical role in helping state leaders enhance and implement high-quality early care and learning for our nation’s youngest learners.