States across the nation are leading the way to ensure more children—especially those from low-income families—have access to high-quality early learning and care from birth through age five. And many of the opportunities that exist at the state and local level have been made possible through strong partnerships with the federal government, aimed at expanding access, increasing quality, and more.

Today, the First Five Years Fund is releasing a series of state profiles to provide a glimpse of the early childhood education opportunities that exist in various states, including those made possible with federal funding. Learn why federal support and partnerships are critical, especially at a time when states are doing such great work on behalf of our youngest learners.

Over the coming weeks, FFYF will release more of these state profiles, with the hope that lawmakers at the federal level will see just how important their support and investment in quality early childhood education is to the states and communities working on behalf of America’s youngest learners.

Check out our state profiles here.