A new poll from POLITICO shows a strong majority of registered voters – 62 percent – support increasing child care tax benefits. This finding is consistent with the results of FFYF’s national poll, out earlier this year, which found 70 percent of voters answered favorably when asked specifically if we should increase the amount of the existing child and dependent care tax credit from $3,000 to $9,000 for one child to better reflect today’s child care costs. That includes 60% of Trump voters.

As Congress considers comprehensive tax reform, there is a significant opportunity to expand access to early childhood education by enhancing existing tax credits and deductions for families, and by adding new and innovative strategies to encourage investment in high-quality programs.

Smart tax policies that expand access to high-quality early child education and make quality child care affordable are not just good for kids—they help parents and help grow the American economy. Employee absenteeism due to child care issues causes U.S. businesses to lose $3 billion annually. When lawmakers craft policies that allow parents to be more productive workers, entire communities benefit.

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