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26.8M people rely on child care to be able to go to work and provide for their family. 

That’s SIXTEEN PERCENT of the U.S. workforce. Parents can’t return or remain in the workforce without access to high-quality, affordable child care. 

For our families and our economy: We must act now.

Working parents who simply want to go to work and support their families shouldn’t be held back by the high cost & limited supply of #childcare.

I’m urging my colleagues in Congress to join me in advancing solutions that ensure no parent has to go broke to afford child care.

A top priority for me has always been making sure every parent has what they need to raise healthy, happy kids.

I’m committed to solving America’s #childcare crisis and ensuring parents can afford the high-quality early learning options they choose for their children.

States lose billions of dollars each year due to breakdowns in the child care system. 

Taking action to fix this today is an investment in our country’s future. I am committed to working with my colleagues in Congress to get this done! 


America only works with quality child care.

We must work to ensure parents who want or need to work are never again held back by the high cost or inadequate supply of early learning options—and empower parents to choose the provider and setting they think is best for their kids.


Emergency relief funding for child care providers runs out in September of 2024. 

75% of child care providers say that the end of stabilization grants will be devastating to their programs.

I’m committed to working with  my colleagues to find solutions and invest in federal funding for #ChildCare.

State/District-specific Tweets 

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In [Insert District/State Name], many child care providers are serving even fewer families as early educators continue to leave the sector for better pay. 

Until we solve this crisis, the situation will only get worse.


Businesses in [Insert District/State Name] are struggling with labor shortages as working parents face a lack of access to affordable, quality child care.

To my colleagues in Congress, it’s time to invest in child care to strengthen the economy and enable parents to return to work.


Parents in [Insert District/State Name] can’t find and afford high-quality care. They’re forced to choose the impossible: go bankrupt paying for care or leave the workforce. 

It’s time Congress advances solutions to make child care more affordable – for every single family in [Insert District/State Name].


More than a third of child care providers are considering quitting or closing down their businesses within the next year, including providers in [Insert District/State Name]. 

To build a strong, stable early learning system, Congress must make investments in ECE!