Senator Patty Murray, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, spoke today at the Center for American Progress about the need to invest in a better future by expanding access to quality early childhood education. We applaud Senator Murray for her longstanding commitment to provide children with a strong start and a foundation for success in school, career and life.

Senator Murray said that the federal budget is a framework for what we want our country to look like, not just in the next few years, but decades from now. She knows that increasing investments in our children will help grow our middle class and support families now as well as improve our children’s futures. As a former preschool teacher, Senator Murray understands first-hand what a difference early education can make in the lives of children and families. Her leadership on this issue and her prioritization of cost-effective investments that have the power to improve children’s lives is exciting for early learning advocates across the country.

Senator Murray once again reinforced the idea that investments in early learning are an economic no-brainer. Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman’s research shows the greatest return on investment comes from investing in high quality early childhood programs for disadvantaged children from birth to five. Thank you, Senator Murray for your hard work and your unyielding support of early learning.

We invite you to support investments in our youngest and most vulnerable learners by signing this petition to Grow America Stronger.