Fae Rabin

Fae Rabin is the Policy Manager of the First Five Years Fund where she supports FFYF’s policy and advocacy efforts at the federal level. She believes what is good for the baby is good for the country. As a Head Start teacher in Chicago, she worked in the classroom to improve outcomes for children from low-income backgrounds. Following a Policy and Advocacy Fellowship with Zero To Three, Fae joined Teaching Strategies, LLC in supporting district and state adoptions of early childhood assessment tools. Recognizing that the need outmatches the available opportunities for a strong start in communities across the country, she is committed to positive change at the policy level such that luck and circumstance no longer play a significant role in child outcomes.

Fae completed her Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education at the Johns Hopkins University, and her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.