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As he prepares to deliver his second State of the Union, we ask you to join us in calling on President Biden to not only prioritize the need for expanded access to quality, affordable care in his address, but also to work with members of both parties to make this need into a reality for working families. We are grateful that this White House has made early learning and care a priority and believe the President has the chance to work across the aisle to help parents, providers, and the economy. 

Tweet @POTUS TODAY and ask him to continue prioritizing the child care needs of working families.

The President had a clear message in his first ever State of the Union: Congress must prioritize lowering child care and early learning costs for families. The 118th Congress has the opportunity to get robust funding for child care and early education  across the finish line.

There is a broad desire for President Biden and Congress to work together to expand affordable child care options. And partisan polarization does not stop voters from wanting Congress and the administration to work together on this issue. Sixty-five percent of Republicans say their member of Congress should work with the Biden administration on this issue.

It is time for Congress and the President to act.