New York City announced this week that it will be extending full-day, high-quality public early childhood education to three-year-olds.

In announcement on Monday morning, Mayor de Blasio announced 3-K for All, a program that builds on the city’s Pre-K for All program that has served four-year-olds. Over the last four years, 185,000 families have enrolled in NYC’s pre-k program. The new 3-K for All program will launch in two of NYC’s most disadvantaged school districts, in an effort to improve education outcomes for those who need it most.

According to New York City officials, the new program will save local families an average of $10,000 per year for each child enrolled. And approximately 1 in 4 families participating in 3-K for All are likely to benefit from being able to work an average of four more hours per week, resulting in an estimated $2,400 per year in additional income.

The overwhelming research shows the positive long-term impacts of early childhood education on children – especially those from low-income families. What’s more, the benefits of quality early learning are significantly greater the earlier a child is enrolled in a program. The 3-K for All expansion helps close the achievement gap and ensures New York’s underserved communities receive a laying playing field.

Watch Mayor de Blasio’s announcement here.

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