The U.S. Chamber Foundation Center for Education and Workforce released a new guide this week that provides resources for the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable early learning and care.

In addition to the proven benefits of early childhood education for children, access to affordable, reliable, and high-quality early learning and care opportunities provides working families with better job stability and overall economic security. Unfortunately, the need to access this critical support far outpaces their current capacity, and many families across the country cannot afford the cost of quality child care. Without access to early learning and care, parents tend to miss work, lowering household incomes and potentially leading to job loss. Supporting families with the cost of quality preschool and child care will result in a more efficient and productive American workforce in both the short- and long-term. It is in the business community’s best interest to advance this agenda and support working families across the country.

The Chamber’s new guide, Leading the Way, arms business leaders with the necessary tools to provide access to high-quality childcare programs that will support employees, the community, and the country as a whole. The guide includes key facts, an elevator speech for child care, and a tactical guide with tangible ways the business community can make an impact, including key case studies from Minnesota and Home Depot.

Read the full guide and case studies here.