Over the coming days, the U.S. Senate will be finalizing the next COVID-19 recovery package, and there’s a chance relief for child care will not be included! 

Will you call and email your senators and urge them to provide emergency funding for child care providers?

The nation’s child care industry is on the brink of collapse, and 40% of providers say they will close permanently without financial relief. 

Costs are up. Enrollment and revenue are down. Yet child care is absolutely essential to every other industry — particularly as states continue to open back up and parents are called back to the workplace.

Democratic and Republican members of the Senate have introduced legislation to provide a stabilization fund for child care.

But the final decision on what makes it in the bill is ultimately up to Senate leadership.

Your senators need to hear that you want Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer to prioritize child care in this recovery package.

We must ensure Congress provides dedicated funding to stabilize the child care industry while there’s still time.