costofcareChild care is among the largest household expenses for families with young children across the country. According to’s Annual Cost of Care Survey, 28% of families paid more than $20,000 on average for child care in 2014, up from $18,000 the previous year. However, these costs vary state by state. So in which states is child care most affordable? New Mexico, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, and Arizona top the charts in terms of most expensive. Louisiana on the other hand wins the award for most affordable state, followed by the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.’s survey also found child care to be just as expensive no matter what type of care you provide your child, be it a nanny or daycare center. In the end it all adds up, and has profound effects on families including stress levels, budget, relationships, and job stability.  Read Yahoo Parenting’s inside look at’s Annual Cost of Care Survey to learn more.