Support for high-quality early learning and care remains overwhelmingly bipartisan among voters, candidates and elected officials alike. And Americans are united when it comes to early childhood education and their desire to have the issue remain a bipartisan priority for policymakers at every level of government.

Over the past decade, an increase in political demand nationally, paired with major focus and investments from leaders at the state and local level, has created opportunities for bipartisan advancements on early childhood education in Washington. FFYF’s work to prime the political and policy landscape has helped create new champions of high-quality early education who create and support innovative opportunities for progress.

Democratic and Republican candidates for office are harnessing this overwhelming momentum and the undeniable need for action, making quality child care a centerpiece of their campaigns.

The findings of our latest national poll show that a broad coalition of national and swing state voters overwhelmingly support a number of specific proposals related to early learning and care, many of which have been discussed in recent months by policymakers on both sides of the aisle. Voters say they want lawmakers in Washington to prioritize solutions that address a range of challenges facing America’s working families and child care providers, with Republican voters making clear they expect their members of Congress to work together and with the Biden Administration on this issue. 

Without question, the tide is moving inexorably toward progress for America’s young children and their families.