New Child Trends Report Examines Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences -

Child Trends released a new report this week, which explores the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), as well as their effect on early childhood development. What are ACEs? And what effect do they have on children? ACEs are characterized as traumatic childhood events, such as abuse, neglect, witnessing a crime, or living with a parent with mental illness and have a profound effect on children who experience … Read More

Here’s the Latest on MIECHV Reauthorization -

Last night, the House of Representatives passed a short-term government funding bill to keep the government funded beyond the midnight Thursday deadline. Included in the bill – known as a Continuing Resolution (CR) – were a number of bipartisan health care provisions and “extenders,” including funding for community health centers (CHCs), delayed cuts to safety net hospitals, and more. However, the House bill did not include a reauthorization for … Read More

Access to Home Visiting Can Save Families Affected by Opioid Crisis -

Bringing an end to the opioid crisis will require a coordinated, comprehensive effort that is inclusive of home visiting, a highly effective, evidence-based early childhood intervention providing personal support for families from pregnancy through their children’s first years of life. Opioid addiction has had a swift and deadly impact on communities, whether they be rural or urban, economically disadvantaged or affluent. During the Ounce of Prevention’s Seventh Annual Home … Read More

New Resource Highlights Expanded Home Visiting Data -

Last week, the National Home Visiting Resource Center (NHVRC), released supplemental data to its 2017 Home Visiting Yearbook, which compiles key data on voluntary home visiting services and opportunities across the country. The updated resource provides expanded data from over 14 evidence-based home visiting models (up from 7) on where home visiting opportunities are available in states, where gaps are occurring, and how many families and children could … Read More

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Completes First Half of Multi-City Child Care Roadshow -

Last month, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation completed the first half of of its multi-city roadshow, which brought together business leaders, policy makers, advocates and practitioners to discuss the critical role of high-quality early childhood education and care in advancing the workforce of today and tomorrow. Included at each stop was a discussion of the Foundation’s new report, “Workforce of Today, Workforce of Tomorrow,” which explains that, by … Read More