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2021 National Poll: Full Results Deck

Resource January 29, 2021

The results of FFYF’s latest national poll show that a broad coalition of national and swing state voters overwhelmingly support a number of specific proposals related to early learning and care, many of which have been discussed in recent months by policymakers on both sides of the aisle. Voters say they want lawmakers in Washington to prioritize these solutions to address a range of challenges facing America’s working families and child care providers, with Republican voters making clear they expect their members of Congress to work together and with the Biden Administration on this issue.

As lawmakers consider how best to stimulate and strengthen the economy, there is immense support from voters for early learning and care policy proposals that fit squarely into the myriad of legislative vehicles Congress might pursue, from infrastructure, to tax reform, to annual funding bills, to budget reconciliation. What’s more, there is virtually no political downside to supporting these policies, even for lawmakers facing tough electoral challenges from the left, right, or center.

See the full results below:

DownloadFFYF Jan2021 Poll (2.61 MB)

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