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Social Media Graphics: September 2021 National Poll on Child Care & Preschool Support

Resource October 7, 2021

As Congress considers the Build Back Better Act, voters overwhelmingly support a significant, sustained investment in child care and preschool, which they view as a good investment of taxpayer dollars.

New national polling reveals a strong majority of voters, including suburban women, independents, and other voter groups whose votes are crucial in key elections, are supportive of the child care and preschool investments proposed in the Build Back Better Act. In fact, voters want their federal policymakers to prioritize child care and preschool this year, and support for these investments has inspired broader voter support for the legislation as a whole.

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Sample tweet language with graphics:

Sample Tweet 1: .@FirstFiveYears’ latest poll shows the vast majority of voters view funding child care and preschool programs as a smart investment of taxpayer money. Americans want significant, sustained investments in America’s #earlylearning system to #SolveChildCare. 

Sample Tweet 2: According to voters, taking action to ensure all families have high-quality, affordable child care and preschool programs should be a top priority for policymakers THIS YEAR. Now is the time to build a #childcare system that works. #SolveChildCare

Sample Tweet 3: Nearly 8 in 10 voters believe that their community would benefit from the child care & preschool proposal in the #BuildBackBetterAct. Congress must act quickly to ensure quality early learning options are available & affordable for working families.  

Sample Tweet 4: Polling from @firstfiveyears found that the majority of voters, including key swing voter groups, say federal funding for high-quality child care & preschool programs should be increased. Lawmakers must pass significant, sustained investments in #ECE.  

Sample Tweet 5: What’s the best solution to America’s child care shortage? Voters overwhelmingly say the answer is public funding. Our country’s economic success depends on whether families can access the early learning and care options they need. #SolveChildCare  

Sample Tweet 6: Recent polling from @firstfiveyears reveals that three in four voters support the #childcare & #preschool proposal in the #BuildBackBetterAct. Explore the full results of this eye-opening national polling showing Americans’ desire to #SolveChildCare. 

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