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How we’re celebrating Mother’s Day and Provider Appreciation Day

News May 10, 2024

This weekend is both Mother’s Day AND Provider Appreciation Day so now is the time to recognize the important work of both moms and the early educators and providers they rely on to be able to work knowing their kids are safe, learning, and thriving. 

The fact is that access to quality, affordable child care and early learning opportunities allows moms to stay in the workforce to support their families. High costs and a shortage of programs curbs their earning potential, and severely limits their career and personal choices.

We are taking this opportunity to recognize some of the incredible working moms on our own staff and the irreplaceable child care and early learning providers who have supported them.

Unfortunately many working moms do not have the support they need and have to leave their jobs entirely, reduce their hours, or pass up career advancement opportunities to care for their children. Which is why Congress needs to protect and prioritize support for working parents, the providers that care for them, and the little learners who depend on all of the caregivers in their lives. 

Happy Mother’s Day and Provider Appreciation Day from FFYF!

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