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FFYF Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Resource May 6, 2019

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! At FFYF, we are taking the time to stop and thank all of our nation’s incredible teachers and child care providers—particularly those working with children from birth through age five—who make high-quality education opportunities a reality every day. We encourage you to do the same!

Brains are built and grow through touch, talk, sight and sound in early childhood experiences. This experiential learning starts long before a child steps foot into a kindergarten classroom.

And supportive, responsive relationships with caring adults as early in life as possible are critical to a child’s healthy development. Often, these relationships exist between parent and child, but many children experience these “serve and return” interactions from other adults, like teachers.

While this week is dedicated to showing our appreciation to teachers, it is important to remember those who are carrying out this critical work every day, all year long. So, to all of the teachers across the country—thank you. We can never express enough appreciation for your hard work and dedication to our nation’s youngest learners!

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