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High-quality early childhood education is proven to dramatically improve a child’s opportunities for a better future—particularly children from low-income families. If we, as a nation, want to ensure all children have access to high-quality early learning, there must be strong support and partnerships from federal government to extend the reach or fill in the gaps of state efforts and innovation.

This fact sheet provides an abbreviated overview of state- and federally-funded early childhood opportunities in South Dakota, which serve more than 30,000 children and families.

“What we’re discovering is that when we’re talking about educating, the educating doesn’t begin at the magical age of 5 or 6. Education is truly a lifelong experience.” – Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD)

“If you want to get those kids who are behind caught up, you need to have a rigorous pre-K program.” – State Senator Billie Sutton (D-SD)

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