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Georgia — Federal Support for Early Learning & Care Opportunities

Resource June 1, 2021

High-quality early childhood education is proven to dramatically improve a child’s opportunities for a better future—particularly children from low-income families—while offering parents improved job stability and overall economic security. To ensure all children can access high-quality early learning and care, the federal government partners with states to support local efforts and innovation.

State- and federally-funded early childhood opportunities in Georgia currently serve more than 199,097 children and families. Learn more about the early learning and care landscape in Georgia from the fact sheets linked below. First Five Years Fund has compiled this information to; 

  1. provide a high-level overview of the various early childhood education opportunities that exist within states, including those made possible with federal funding;
  2. demonstrate how the current lack of early learning and care opportunities is affecting states and communities nationwide; and
  3. the positive impact of MIECHV providing federal funds to states, territories, and tribal entities for voluntary, evidence-based home visiting services.
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